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Ser Pak Ltd is a company specialized in the development of the Prolong® Packaging Technologies for the fresh produce and fresh cut industry. 
Among those technologies are:
• Prolong® Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)
• Prolong® Antimicrobial Packaging
• Prolong® Modified Humudity Packaging (MHP)
• BioProlong® Biodegradable Packgaing
• Prolong® Active Packaging (under development)
• Prolong® Lidding Film (under development)

Nowadays, the company provides the fresh produce industry with the Prolong® consumer as well as bulk MA/Vapour Control packaging for a wide range of fresh produce products.

The Prolong® Packaging Technologies offers both efficient modified atmosphere conditions as well as a modified humidity conditions for maximum preservation of the fresh produce quality. Furthermore, our packaging has developed towards an environmentally friendly degradable and biodegradable packaging.

Our Prolong® packaging is used commercially in several countries in the Middle East, Western Europe, Africa and the Americas. Our regional representatives offer an efficient and prompt product supply as well as a professional continuous postharvest and product technical support.

Prolong is a product of Ser Pak Ltd.. Copyright 2011 by Ser Pak Ltd.. All rights reserved.