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Turkey: Prolong extends ...

Turkey: Prolong extends packaging range

SerPak has expanded its Prolong Packaging range with a new high MVTR (Moisture Vapor Transition Rate) liners.

Offering a wide range of benefits, Prolong Vapour Control for fresh produce not only extends the product shelf life by delaying the ripening and softening of the fruit, but offers excellent product visibility and a concentrated fruit aroma when opening the pack.

Prolong Packaging, already available for a wide variety of fresh produce, is a flexible carton liner that maintains the harvest-fresh quality of produce. The range encompasses different films, from standard polyethylene, through to the new Vapour Control high MVTR ranges, which can also be supplied in a compost-able material.

The high MVTR properties of Prolong vapour Control prevent condensation which is known to encourage mould and bacterial growth during sea freight.

Source: Fresh Plaza, www.freshplaza.com

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