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Vapour Control Technology

Prolong® Vapour control packaging ensures extended storage and shelf life for fresh produce through a combined effect of modified atmosphere (decrease O2, increase CO2), modified humidity (90-95% humidity) and condensation control (release of excess moisture). After the Prolong® bag is sealed, produce respiration naturally lowers the O2 concentration in the contained environment, resulting in a corresponding increase in CO2 concentration. Prolong® polymers are engineered so that the fruit/vegetable inside the bag equilibrates within the specific range of O2 and CO2 concentrations as required by that specific fruit/vegetable. The high CO2 and low O2 concentrations that develop in the bag:

  • Block the mode of action and biosynthesis of ethylene, thereby slowing down the aging process (senescence)
  • Maintain the nutritional value and flavor of produce by slowing loss of food reserves, particularly sugars and labile vitamins such as vitamins C and A
  • Reduce decay by directly inhibiting the growth of pathogens
In addition to providing the optimal modified atmosphere as the produce transpires, the relative humidity in Prolong® packaging increases to 90-95%. This modified humidity reduces dehydration and weight loss, which in turn preserves the firmness of the produce and prevents shriveling. Prolong® packaging also eliminates excess moisture, thereby maintaining produce appearance and inhibiting physiological disorders that are encouraged in the presence of free moisture. SerPak deploys polymers with different moisture vapor transmission rates (MVTR) in accordance with the produce specific transpiration rates and sensitivity to moisture.

  • Prolonged storage time
  • Less waste in supply chain
  • Sea transport reduces logistical costs
  • Bridge seasonal gaps
  • Prolong is a product of Ser Pak Ltd.. Copyright 2011 by Ser Pak Ltd.. All rights reserved.