How to Use Prolong®?
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How to Use Prolong®?

Produce quality Mature produce have to be firm, absence of scars, bruising, sunburn, surface defects and pathogens. Produce have to be originated from a reliable, professionally handled farm.

• Produce should be pre-cooled immediately after harvest to remove field heat AND before being packed in the Prolong® bags.
• Produce must be dry before being packed in Prolong® bags
• Use a separate Prolong® bags for each type of produce.
• Pack the precise produce weight in each Prolong®® bags based on the enclosed instruction sheet.
• Place produce gently in the bag to avoid damaging the Prolong® bags.
• Expel air from the bag after placing the produce inside the bag and close it using the enclosed ties.
• Store the packed produce refrigerator immediately after packing in Prolong® bags at the optimal recommended temperature for each type of produce.
• When removal from cool chain, bag must be open.

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