Prolong Technology
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Prolong Technology

Modified Atmosphere System

Prolong® MAP bags create an efficient modified atmosphere system. The MA conditions created simultaneously both by produce natural breathing and control of gas composition in the surrounding atmosphere by the Prolong® MAP bag. The resulting atmosphere will compose of the optimal gas conditions of Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide and Ethylene. Each produce type will live an optimal MA atmosphere which will preserve the freshness, suppress pathogens growth and subsequently prolong the life of the produce.

Breathable System

Prolong® Packaging Technologies are breathable by allowing a certain, controlled gas exchange ratio. The Prolong® Packaging Technologies allows controls carbon dioxide gas levels, prevents anaerobic conditions (lack of oxygen) to occur by allowing ambient oxygen to diffuse inside the bag and prevents excessive odor accumulation.

Aging Hormone (Ethylene) Removal

Fresh fruit and vegetables produce ethylene gas after harvest. Ethylene gas was found to be a critical aging factor for fresh produce. Exposure of some produce types to Ethylene accelerates produce ripening then senescence, deterioration and susceptibility to microbial disease. Prolong® films absorb the released ethylene gas from the atmosphere and consequently slow the ripening process and prolong the life and freshness of the produce.

Antimicrobial System

Some Prolong® films are impregnated with antimicrobial agents in order to disinfect the surrounding atmosphere of fresh produce. Those special films used for those fresh produce products that especially suffer postharvest microbial disorders

Moisture Control

Prolong® films controls the level of moisture around the produce by either water vapor absorption or excellent anti fogging properties. Also Prolong® packaging eliminates excess moisture in the bag

Vapour Control

Prolong®® Vapour Control characterized High MVTR

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